Do you like my Hat?



A Sniff at Negwegon State Park

Negwegon State Park is located south of Alpena Michigan. There are trails and beaches along this  gorgeous Lake Huron coastline and it happens to be a real hidden treasure.  I couldn’t wait to go exploring!

What a scenic ride into Negwegon State Park.  It was beautiful but all I could think about were all of the new smells I would sniff out.



After a 20 minute ride through the woods we arrived at the entrance of the park.  Oh boy, I was so excited for some new smells.


When the car stopped I darted out of the car as fast as I could.  Everything smelled so good!  I ran down to the beach, took a walk in the water and then layed in the warm summer sun.



It was a fantastic day!  I left my prints on yet another piece of land in this great country that I love exploring!


But the best part of my day was the tasty dessert after dinner.   A Banana Foster treat with ice cream and caramel, it was delicious!

IMG_6260The perfect ending to a perfect day!


Grizzy vacationing on his Yacht


Grizzy’s been on a boat trip for the past 2 weeks traveling around Michigan.  One of his stops was beautiful Mackinaw Island.

After the long boat ride he decided it was time for a drink.


“Bartender …one more please”!


At sunset he went to the beach to view the spectacular Mackinaw  Bridge.

IMG_5615Then it was off to enjoy an ice cream cone.  One of Grizzy’s favorites.


The following day he traveled 9 miles around the island in a cart the was attached to a bicycle.  The breeze ruffed through his fur during the long ride.



Near the end of the bike ride was a beautiful rock formation called the Arch Rock.  It was quite spectacular!


It was a wonderful day in the life of Grizzy.  Let’s see where he goes next.

The adventures of Grizzy!

Grizzy loves to explore!  This past spring he took a vacation to Key West.  Where he went jet skiing around the entire island of Key West.


Later in the evening he strolled down Duval street sniffing around for a souvenir.  He ran into these cool tee-shirts.


In the afternoon he had a late lunch at a popular restaurant and then relaxed by the poolside to sun bathe.


IMG_7980Just another adventure in the life of Grizzy.